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Cake of the Month - Violet Lin Tran: Canada

Posted by Satin Ice, on Jan 30, 2015

COTM - Violet 2

Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Violet Lin Tran

Congratulations to Violet Lin Tran of The Violet Cake Shop™, Canada, on becoming the Satin Ice Cake of the Month winner for January!


Name: Violet Lin Tran

Business name: The Violet Cake Shop™, Markham, Ontario, Canada


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from University of Toronto; no formal training in cake decorating

Describe the cake in details?:
The gum paste topper which was inspired by the diyas or candle burners that are lit during the festival, was made out of gum paste using a fabulous Filigree Christmas Bauble tutorial by Rose of Couture Cakes by Rose.


The swirly cake separator is made from chocolate marshmallow fondant that was allowed to dry for several weeks before assembling and is able to hold the weight of a small 6" cake, (possibly even more - but I have not yet used it to hold anything larger). 


The lotus flowers are made from wafer paper that was then colored using a petal dust/oil mix technique I discovered while experimenting with ways to color wafer paper. The top and bottom tiers were ganached, and then lightly brushed with edible iridescent gold airbrush paint for a rustic look.

The middle tier was covered with Satin Ice fondant then lustered with a custom blend of luster dust, sparkle dust and petal dust. The rangoli-inspired central floral decal was made with a fondant/gum paste mix, using the quilling technique. The gold lace work is edible lace mixed with gold luster dust and some gel coloring.


What is the story behind this winning cake? 
This was a design I created for the Festival of Lights collaboration, where 37 cake artists from around the world came together to help mark a Hindu tradition known as Diwali or “Festival of Lights”. Diwali is a festival that spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair and is celebrated every autumn. During the festival, which is celebrated for five days, Hindus prepare by cleaning, decorating, shopping, gift giving and baking sweet treats for loved ones. Feasts are prepared and families come together, wearing their finest attire made from lustrous cloths. Prayers are offered to deities and stories of ancient myths and legends are told to children. Children prepare for the celebration by painting rangoli chalk designs on walkways and on the night of Diwali, fireworks are displayed. It is the happiest of all Hindu celebrations. 

What was the inspiration behind this cake?
I used the different aspects of the festival and traditions practiced during the celebration to inspire different parts of my design as described above - which were mostly the clothing and traditional items used in the celebration.

How much time did you spend creating the cake?
All together it took me over 40 hours just on decorating. The hollow gum paste topper alone took over 14 hours because the first attempt broke, (too big and not enough drying time - so 6 hours down the drain). The second one still broke but luckily I was able to repair it and use it. The quilling took about 4 hours.COTM-Violet.jpg#asset:229

What kind of cake is it on the inside?
This was a show piece for collaboration so I did not actually bake a cake for it.  It was made from styrofoam dummies, although it could easily be made into cake.

What do you do while you work?
When I decorate, I usually like to pop a movie in the DVD player and just listen to it, only looking up when there are good action scenes!

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