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Cake of the Month - Rianne Gangadin: The Netherlands

Posted by Satin Ice, on Dec 30, 2014

COTM - Rianne 2

Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Rianne Gangadin

Congratulations to Rianne Gangadin of Zoet & Zoet, The Netherlands, on becoming the Satin Ice Cake of the Month winner for December! If you would like to be next month's winner, have you cake featured on the site and win free Satin Ice product - than submit your cake today.


Name: Rianne Gangadin

Business name: Zoet & Zoet, (which means Sweet & Sweet), The Netherlands


Facebook page:

Instagram: zoetenzoet

Education: Account Management in Utrecht, Netherlands.

How did you get into cake decorating: I have been baking since the age of 12 with my mom. Every week I baked a cake in all colors and flavors and had my family test it out. And I haven’t stopped baking yet.

Describe your winning cake, details, occasion, and techniques:
My style is very romantic and baroque. The details include sweet pastel colors and a lot of shades of gold. The cake was made for a winter Christmas photo shoot for Zoet & Zoet.

What was the inspiration behind this cake?
All the white shiny Christmas decorations I saw while I was shopping.

How long did it take?
A few hours.

What kind of cake is it on the inside?
It is actually a dummy cake, but if it were a real cake I would make white chocolate with fresh raspberries. I love the sweetness of the white chocolate with the sour of the fresh raspberries – they are perfect together.

Fun question, what do you do while you decorate cakes?
I listen to all kinds of music like soul, Latin and pop. While I decorate I love to switch it up, sometimes I even listen to Bulgarian pop music and Bollywood songs . . .


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