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Cake of the Month - Rebekah Wilbur: USA

Posted by Satin Ice, on Sep 04, 2015

COTM - Rebekah Wilbu

Satin Ice Cake of the Month:

Rebekah Wilbur

Stop and smell the flowers with Rebekah Wilbur and her strikingly beautiful garden cake.

Name: Rebekah Wilbur, Montclair, Virginia

Business name: Rebekah Naomi Cake Design (formerly Cakelicious)

Education: I have been decorating cakes for over six years - my first ever cake being my own wedding cake. While I have received no formal pastry education, I have over the last five years taught myself cake decorating through online classes, reading blogs and cake magazines and experimenting. Cake decorating is a huge passion that I pursue relentlessly. I am constantly striving to better myself to learn new and exciting techniques and to develop my design esthetic. Satin Ice was a product I was introduced to when I moved to the states. It has been a large part of my decorating education. I use it on all of my cakes because I know my customers love the taste and I love the finish and workability. I also find great inspiration from the Satin Ice Artists of Excellence team.

Business page:

Facebook pagewww://


Describe the cake, details and techniques: The cake was created as part of a cake collaboration: Gardens of the World. I chose Italian gardens for my inspiration and incorporated classic Italian Renaissance garden elements to create a cohesive cake design. The cake is largely based on the gardens of the Villa d'Este with some influence from the romantic garden of Ninfa. The cake features 5 square shaped tiers; squares that I find are notoriously difficult to cover. With the squares I utilized the paneling technique to cover this cake - which I found to be particularly useful in covering the large 10 x 8 tier. I utilized a lot of different techniques in this cake. 

The bottom tier features individual cut and textured leaves (over 800) placed together to create a topiary effect  - and dusted with edible dusts. I also glazed the bottom tier to give the leaves a more realistic sheen.


The next tier represents a maze garden from a bird's eye view. To do this tier I used a specialist stencil and used royal icing to give this vibrant yet subtle effect.


The next tiers represent the beautiful stonework that is so prevalent throughout Italian gardens. I used a mix of 50/50 Satin Ice fondant and gumpaste to create the pieces. I also cut individual squares to give a mosaic effect. The next tier features a stone archway on all sides, accented with cherubs.


Each side of the tier features a rustic "oil painting" depicting an Italian scene. On one side a Tuscan landscape with rolling hills, on another side a beautiful fountain and on the back hanging grapes and gorgeous wisteria.

The top tier urn was carved from Rice Krispies and adorned with beautiful Grecian statues, "dancing ladies". The urn is overflowing with roses, (the national flower of Italy), and wisteria blossoms hand painted to give an illustrative feel.


What is the inspiration for this winning cake?
The main inspirations for this cake are the beautiful Italian Renaissance gardens, which are known for being grand, almost opulent, with symmetrical features. They typically showcased beautiful statues urns, grottos and water features. Italian gardens are not known as floral gardens, instead vegetables, herbs and trees were typically grown, but, I wanted to feature some floral in the design of the cake. So I looked to the romantic gardens of Ninfa for inspiration and the national flower of Italy - the rose.

How much time did you spend creating this cake?
I spent close to 22 hours on this cake and the bottom tier alone, simple in execution, but incredibly time consuming. Cutting, veining and dusting all of the individual leaves took over 6 hours. The painted tier also took considerable time, at least an hour per side. The sugar flowers, especially the wisteria was all individually handcrafted and painted. 

What do you do while you work?
When I craft sugar flowers I like to listen to music. Making sugar flowers is for me one of the most enjoyable aspects of cake decorating. I find it relaxing, almost therapeutic. I always work on my sugar flowers in the evening after my children have gone to bed. I make myself some herbal tea, put on some relaxing music and can work for hours and hours. I also really enjoy painting on cakes. Cake decorating can be a very isolating career, but I have always enjoyed working alone and indulging my passion for the Arts. So for me, it's a perfect fit.

Congratulations Rebekah!


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